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Component Profile

Name Sword
Short Description Multi-Cloud Abstraction Layer
Release Version 0.1.0
Snapshot Version 0.2.0-SNAPSHOT
Github https://github.com/cloudiator/sword
Javadoc https://cloudiator.github.io/sword/javadoc/


Sword is the multi-cloud abstraction layer Cloudiator uses to talk to the different cloud programming interfaces.


The latest release of Sword is available in maven central, while the latest snapshot can be retrieved from the OSSRH.





Supported Providers

Name Webpage DriverName Example
Amazon AWS EC2 https://aws.amazon.com/ aws-ec2 Example
Flexiant FCO https://www.flexiant.com/flexiant-cloud-orchestrator/ flexiant Example
Openstack Nova http://docs.openstack.org/developer/nova/ openstack-nova Example
Google Compute Engine https://cloud.google.com/compute/ google-compute-engine @todo


Global Configuration options

Global configuration options are valid for all clouds.

Name Description Class
sword.regions A positive filter for the regions retrieved by Sword. Comma-separated list. Constants.SWORD_REGIONS
sword.request.timeout Request timeout for all request issued by sword (in milliseconds). Constants.REQUEST_TIMEOUT
sword.ssh.exponential.multiplier Exponential Multiplier for SSH connection (default 1000). Constants.SSH_EXPONENTIAL_MULTIPLIER
sword.ssh.exponential.max.time Maximum time to wait in exponential waiting strategy (default 30 seconds). Constants.SSH_EXPONENTIAL_MAX_TIME
sword.ssh.max.retries Maximum number of retries (default 10). SSH_MAX_RETRIES

Cloud specific configuration options

Cloud specific configuration options are only valid for one cloud.

Openstack Nova (openstack-nova)

Name Description Class
sword.openstack.floatingIpPool Sets the floating ip pool from which Sword will try to acquire a floating ip. Only required if more than one exists. OpenstackConstants
sword.openstack.defaultAvailabilityZone Sets the default availability group used for starting the virtual machine. Alternative for specifying it directly in the template OpenstackConstants
sword.openstack.defaultNetwork The network to which all virtual machines will be attached. Only required if more than one network exists. OpenstackConstants

Amazon EC2 (aws-ec2)

Name Description Class
sword.ec2.ami.query Filter for EC2 Images. See Describe Images. Ec2Constants
sword.ec2.ami.cc.query Filter for EC2 Cluster Images. See Describe Images. Ec2Constants
sword.ec2.default.vpc Sets the id of a virtual private cloud. Ec2Constants