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Currently, we only provide shell scripts for installing Cloudiator on an Ubuntu (14.04 LTS) operating system.

You can find the scripts at Github.

Please note that even after the installation has finished, it will take some time until colosseum starts. You can track the progress by connecting to the screen it is started in (sudo screen -r).


Cloudiator’s home domain requires multiple ports to be opened on the server / virtual machine it is installed.

Port Protocol Component Purpose Notes
80 TCP UI Cloudiator Webinterface -
4001 TCP Lance etcd registry only required if etcdregistry is used (default with above scripts)
8080 TCP Axe Time-series database optional, only required if user wants to manually connect to the database
9000 TCP Colosseum Cloudiator REST API -
33034 TCP Lance rmi registry only required if rmiregistry is used (etcdregistry is default

The ports required in the remote domain (the virtual machines managed by Cloudiator) will be automatically opened.